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Safety products from CEMO: Charging, storing and transporting lithium batteries

Lithium batteries have become indispensable in our everyday lives. When handling them, it is important to remember that they are dangerous goods. Especially during the charging process, there is the possibility of an explosion in extreme cases, which can cause fires. Caution is therefore required.

We explain why the use of suitable charging cabinets is of great importance and why it is essential to avoid charging lithium batteries in the storage area of other batteries or in the vicinity of flammable materials/devices. We will also show you how to store and transport the batteries properly.

News 2
A world first: bema presents the new generation of sweepers under the Sweezy brand

For the environment, but also in terms of sustainability and efficiency, it makes sense to electrify the vehicle and machine fleet in both local authorities and companies and to utilise new technologies. This also applies to cleaning, e.g. of car parks, cycle paths or production halls with mounted sweepers.

Under the Sweezy brand, our manufacturer bema presents the new generation of sweepers. All models in this new product group are equipped with efficient drive technologies.

News 3
lockEX, CEMO's new patent

Fire protection is a high priority when storing and charging lithium batteries. Equipped with important safety devices, the consequences of fire can be minimised and operational safety significantly increased.

In the event of an explosion, the cabinet doors can be blown open. With CEMO battery storage and charging cabinets, the new CEMO lockEX spring construction allows the cabinet door to be pushed open just a small gap and then immediately pulled shut and locked again. This mechanism dissipates and manages the explosion pressure inside the cabinet.


Our company represents highly renowned manufacturers and their branded products “Made in Germany”, which guarantee you very reliable and long-term support for your work processes. As a partner in southern Germany, we offer solutions in the areas of sweeping and clearing technology, manure spreaders, mobile tank systems, irrigation and cleaning systems, spreading and fertilising technology, bale wrappers and mobile water supply.

Our aim is to always offer the right solution for your requirements in the municipal, construction, agricultural and industrial sectors. We also attach great importance to customer satisfaction and will be happy to advise you.

Quality and cleanliness across the board

Since its foundation in 1940, bema has been a family-run company with an eye for detail and, as the market leader in the field of mounted sweepers, has developed products that inspire and convince.

Whether for indoor or outdoor use, road or winter maintenance, municipal purposes or for industrial companies, agriculture or runways: Dedicated employees, an international sales team and long-standing supply partners guarantee the fulfilment of customer requirements.

bema brings special expertise to the development of airport sweepers. Thanks to well-known customised industry solutions, snow is cleared effectively at airports around the world in winter.

    • Sweepers
    • Block brooms
    • Mounted sweepers
    • Snow ploughs

To ensure a smooth flow of traffic, it is crucial to keep roads and challenging traffic routes clear all year round. This applies to local authorities, farmers and construction companies alike. Whether it is leaves, snow or dirt in large cities, on construction sites or company premises, removal must be carried out precisely and sometimes within a very short time.

TEBBE agricultural machinery for modern farming

Modern agriculture requires daily performance and efficiency. For around 60 years, TEBBE has been synonymous with high-quality, first-class agricultural machinery. The strength, precision, speed and durability of its products have quickly made the brand recognised beyond national borders. Nothing is left to chance here.

Whether universal spreaders, superstructures for swap bodies, silage trailers or customised solutions – TEBBE produces agricultural machinery that is in a class of its own thanks to its power, reliability and durability. Anyone who owns a TEBBE knows that they are using the best, strongest and most sophisticated product the market has to offer.

    • Spreaders
    • Special machines
    • Changing system
    • Used machines

TEBBE agricultural machinery is characterised by its practical indestructibility. This is why used models are always very popular on the market. With TEBBE, you are always in the best hands, from the initial consultation to on-time delivery.

The professional for safe storage and transport of hazardous substances

With over 60 years of experience in the manufacture of storage and transport containers as well as in the field of conveying and dosing, CEMO presents an extensive product programme that is second to none.

Mobile tank systems, heating oil tanks, pumps, lubricants, drip pans, shelving systems, cabinets, containers, hazardous material depots, battery safety products, storage containers, irrigation and cleaning systems, grit containers or spreaders – all CEMO products meet the latest safety standards and fulfil the requirements of a wide range of sectors, including industry, municipalities, agriculture and construction.

The protection of people and nature is our top priority. Safety is a basic human need. Wherever hazardous substances are used, it is essential to transport and store them safely.

    • Tank systems and tank containers
    • Containers and safety cabinets
    • Pumps, fuels and lubricants
    • Drums and racking systems
    • Grit containers and spreaders

CEMO is a pioneer in the field of transport and storage tank technology and is one of the market leaders in self-consumption filling stations for diesel, petrol and AdBlue® – with its own environmental protection programme. As a customer from the agricultural, municipal, construction or industrial sectors, you benefit from CEMO’s extensive product range and many years of experience.

Innovative fertiliser spreaders and winter service spreaders

Through the development and production of innovative fertiliser spreaders and functional solutions for winter service, RAUCH sets national and international standards in terms of efficiency and economic success in agriculture.

State-of-the-art and pioneering technologies, impressive performance, maximum precision in spreading, ease of operation and maximum safety make RAUCH spreaders a guarantee in daily use. With our partner RAUCH, customers can expect all services and steps in the value chain from a single source.

Today RAUCH is the global market leader in the field of fertiliser and spreading technology. The enormous product range includes various performance classes of spreaders, which are consistently manufactured in the company’s own RAUCH factory “Made in Germany”.

    • Fertiliser spreader
    • Winter service spreader
    • Grit and salt spreaders
    • Used machines

Years of experience, technical expertise, numerous highly qualified employees and state-of-the-art equipment with its own development department and production facilities give RAUCH the expertise required to design and manufacture spreaders that offer customers real added value.

The optimum bale wrapper for your exact needs

The Tanco bale wrapper range fulfils a wide variety of requirements. Whether you want to wrap thousands of bales per year or a small number of bales: Tanco offers a reliable solution you can count on.

From the very beginning, innovative designs and processes have been used to develop machines that are known not only for their durability and longevity, but also for uncompromising quality. The products set new standards in the industry. The passion for what Tanco does every day keeps the company developing new and great ideas. Tanco has built a close relationship with customers based on trust and reliability, with shared values and priorities.

Whether it’s round or square bales, mowers or attachments, Tanco has patented numerous ground-breaking innovations along the way and established itself as one of the most respected and responsive brands in the agricultural world.

    • Round bale wrapper
    • Square bale wrapper
    • Mowers
    • Accessories

Tanco offers its customers a wide range of bale wrappers with diverse requirements and operates worldwide. Quality, innovation and durability are always emphasised.

Tanco, Experts in your field.

Mobile solutions for irrigation

Young plants and trees require intensive care, especially in the first stages of growth. As temperatures rise, so does the need for water. We therefore recommend the use of mobile water barrel trailers with barrel truck pumps to ensure efficient irrigation in municipal and inner-city areas.

In agriculture too, especially in areas without an external water supply in the pasture or in the field, the water barrel trailers from Fasswagen offer a sensible solution for supplying animals with sufficient water at various locations.

The need for water is also constantly increasing on construction sites, especially in dry weather. Whether it’s to prepare the ground for road construction or to bind the dust stirred up by machines – the mobile water barrel trailers offer effective solutions on site.

Mobile water
    • Water barrel trailer for cars
    • Water barrel trailers for tractors and lorries
    • Water barrel trailer
    • Pumps and accessories

The drum trailer can be used wherever there is no running water. Implement mobile solutions and make yourself independent in the water supply with up to 5,000 litres, whether in the municipality, on construction sites or in gardening and agriculture.

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We connect brands and markets
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